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Driving Innovation

We work closely with key partners who are invested in the future of the tech ecosystem

We're proud to be part of the global Google for Entrepreneurs Partner Network - a global community of startup organisations

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Ulster Bank launched its offsite innovation hub at Dogpatch Labs - a pioneering first for banking in Ireland - in September 2015

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Our Partners

Our partners share our values of openness and collaboration, diversity and inclusion – accelerating innovation through engagement with the startup ecosystem in a process of open innovation.

"For every organisation, be it large or small, you have to be at the leading edge you have to be at the birth, you have to be at the very early stages"

Neville Isdell, owner of the chq Building

What we Offer

We enable all types of entrepreneurs to collaborate. Start-ups, corporates, grassroots tech communities and public bodies all converge at Dogpatch Labs to share and learn in a spirit of open innovation

Startup Engagement
Startup Engagement

We help our partners engage with startups and tech communities, supporting innovation and culture change

Offsite Innovation Hubs
Offsite Innovation Hubs

Working offsite in our co-working space helps our partners fully integrate with the broader tech ecosystem, testing new ways of working to spin back into the organisation

Eco-system Immersion
Eco-system Immersion

Immerse your organisation in the tech community through supporting meetups and hackathons and diversity initiatives

What our Partners say

"We want to learn from the outside in. We felt it was important to place our innovation team in a coworking, collaborative environment close to our head office physically but far enough removed in terms of the culture to be sufficiently different."

Robin Marshall, CIO, Ulster Bank

"Dogpatch Labs has a lot going for it. It's an organisation very focused on community and providing something of value, coworking and a physical space, but also does that with a nod to all the things which help make an entrepreneurs life easier"

David Grunwald, Global Head of Partnerships, Google